Monster Forge Update 2023

Awardee year: 2021-2022

Business Name: Monster Forge


Monster Forge is a business built to serve the TTRPG community. We want to create an environment in which customers can create their own custom monsters for their games.


Instagram: official_monster_forge

Team Leader Name: Isaac Mace

School: Marshall University

Major: Entrepreneurship

Hometown: Winfield WV  

Has your team grown or changed?
Our core team has not changed but we have formed a relationship with a 3D designer to help in the creation of our models.

Any new updates to the original products, services or components of your original business idea since starting the competition?
We have launched our first two products as well as branching out into doing commission work.

Have you connected with any coaches or mentors?
I still remain in contact with Professor Olen York from Marshall as well as talking with many different business and sales experts.

Have you received any outside investment since the competition?
While we have not yet received any more investment, we are in discussion with a few people who are interested in investment.

Have you received any other fundraising like SBIR/STTR, grants, outside of the competition?
No, we have not yet received any other grants or funding.

How much did you receive from BPC and/or from outside investors?
We received 10,000 from the competition. 5,000 from the competition itself and another 5,000 from 3 Steps to Start Up.

Has your marketing/online presence grown? New website, email or social media?
Yes, we have launched our Beta website and have started gathering a following on Instagram.

○      Website:

○      Instagram: official_monster_forge