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Noble Growing System Update 2023

West Virginia Business Plan Competition 2023 Update

Awardee year: 2021-2022

Business Name: Noble Growing System

Personal Email:

Noble Growing System  is a patent pending 3-in-1 hydroponic system that grows anything from tomatoes to cannabis. It combines (Aeroponics, Drip, and Nutrient Film Technique) with a purification system that keeps the water clean and fresh while it recirculates through the system. The combination of these things optimizes nutrient delivery to the root zone to maximize plant growth consistently and efficiently.

Website/Social Accounts for product business:

Instagram: Noble_growing_system

Team Leader Name: Bobby Noble
School: West Virginia University
Major: Business Administration, Masters in Horticulture, Working on PhD in Horticulture

Hometown: Murrysville PA

LinkedIn: Bobby Noble | LinkedIn

2023 Update:

Has your team grown or changed? 
We have grown and changed. Delaney and Ronan have both moved on to new jobs. Dylan, who was also helping at the competition, is now heading our student account executives. We have 5 others in this sales role thanks to Dave Brauer and WVU. We have also worked with multiple marketing teams through the university.

Any new updates to the original products, services, or components of your original business idea since starting the competition? 
We have made a small pivot and introduced a mini system that fits in grow tents or small rooms. Think of home brewer type set up but for vegetables and cannabis instead of beer.

Have you connected with any coaches or mentors? 
Always connecting with new people in West Virginia that are looking to help in anyway that they can.

How much did you receive from BPC and/or from outside investors? 

Has your marketing/online presence grown?
No new links but we have been working on building our social media presence and updating our website when possible.

What hopes/plans do you have for the future growth of your business? Are there areas you still need help with? 
We are expecting the introduction of our mini system to help grow our company. To do this we are looking at going to conferences and using the trailer model as a booth prop to make sales. (trailer model received a make-over with the money from last years funds. We also used that money to develop the mini systems for home grows)